Android 13

We’re only half a month from the authority arrival of Android 13! As we put the last little details on the following variant of Android, today we’re bringing you Beta 4, a last update for your testing and improvement. This is the ideal opportunity to ensure your applications are prepared!

There's a ton to investigate in Android 13, from protection highlights like the new notice consent and photograph picker, to efficiency highlights like themed application symbols and per-application language support, as well as present day norms like HDR video, Bluetooth LE Sound, and MIDI 2.0 over USB.
 We've additionally broadened the updates we made in 12L, giving you better apparatuses to exploit tablet and enormous screen gadgets.

You can give Beta 4 today a shot your Pixel gadget by selecting here for over-the-air refreshes. Assuming you recently enlisted, you’ll naturally get the present update. You can likewise get Android 13 Beta on select gadgets from a few of our accomplices. Visit the Android 13 engineer site for subtleties.

Watch for more data on the authority Android 13 delivery just around the corner!

What’s in Beta 4?

The present update incorporates a delivery competitor work of Android 13 for Pixel gadgets and the Android Emulator.

We arrived at Stage Steadiness at Beta 3, so all application confronting surfaces are conclusive, including SDK and NDK APIs, application confronting framework ways of behaving, and limitations on non-SDK interfaces.
 With these and the most recent fixes and enhancements, Beta 4 gives you all that you really want to finish your testing.

Prepare your applications!

With the authority Android 13 delivery just a little ways off, we're asking all application and game engineers to finish your last similarity testing and distribute your similarity refreshes in front of the last delivery.
 For SDK, library, instruments, and game motor designers, it's essential to deliver your viable updates at the earliest opportunity - - your downstream application and game engineers might be hindered until they accept your updates.

To test your application for similarity, simply introduce it on a gadget running Android 13 Beta 4 and work through the application streams, searching for any useful or UI issues. Audit the Android 13 conduct changes for all applications to zero in on regions where your application could impacted. Here are a portion of the top changes to test:

•             Runtime consent for notices – Android 13 presents a new runtime consent for sending warnings from an application. Ensure you comprehend how the new consent functions, and plan on focusing on Android 13 (Programming interface 33) at the earliest opportunity. More here.

•             Clipboard review – Ensure your application conceals touchy information in Android 13’s new clipboard see, for example, passwords or charge card data. More here.

•             JobScheduler prefetch – JobScheduler currently attempts to expect the following time your application will sent off and will run any related prefetch occupations in front of that time. In the event that you use prefetch occupations, test that they are filling in true to form. More here.

Make sure to test the libraries and SDKs in your application for similarity. Assuming you find any SDK issues, take a stab at refreshing to the most recent variant of the SDK or connecting with the engineer for help.

Whenever you’ve distributed the viable variant of your current application, you can begin the cycle to refresh your application’s targetSdkVersion. Audit the conduct changes that apply when your application targets Android 13 and utilize the similarity system to assist with distinguishing issues rapidly.

Tablets and enormous screens support

Android 13 expands on the tablet improvements presented in 12L, so as a feature of your testing, ensure your applications put their best self forward on tablets and other enormous screen gadgets. You can test huge screen highlights by setting up an Android emulator in Android Studio, or you can utilize an enormous screen gadget from our Android 13 Beta accomplices. Here are a few regions to look for:

•             Taskbar collaboration – Check how your application answers when seen with the new taskbar on enormous screens. Ensure your application’s UI isn’t cut off or impeded taskbar. More here.

•             Multi-window mode – Multi-window mode is presently empowered as a matter of course for all applications, paying little heed to application design, so ensure the application handles split-screen properly. You can test by relocating your application into split-screen mode and changing the window size. More here.

•             Further developed similarity experience – if your application isn’t streamlined for tablets yet, for example, utilizing a decent direction or not being resizable, check how your application answers similarity mode changes, for example, letterboxing. More here.

•             Media projection – If your application utilizes media projection, check how your application answers while playing back, streaming, or projecting media on enormous screens. Make certain to represent gadget pose changes on foldable gadgets also. More here.

•             Camera review – For camera applications, check how your camera see UI answers on huge screens when your application is compelled to a part of the screen in multi-window or split-screen mode. Likewise check how your application answers when a foldable gadget’s stance changes. More here.

You can peruse more about the tablet highlights in Android 13 and what to test here.

Get everything rolling with Android 13

The present Beta 4 delivery has all that you really want to test your application and attempt the Android 13 highlights. Simply select your Pixel gadget to get the update over-the-air. To begin, set up the Android 13 SDK.

You can likewise test your application with Android 13 Beta on gadgets from a few of our accomplices. Visit to see the full rundown of accomplices, with connections to their destinations for subtleties on their upheld gadgets and Beta forms, beginning with Beta 1. Each accomplice will deal with their own enlistments and backing, and give the Beta updates to you straightforwardly. For much more extensive testing, you can give Beta 4 a shot Android GSI pictures, and on the off chance that you don’t have a gadget, you can test on the Android Emulator. For complete subtleties on Android 13, visit the Android 13 designer site.

What’s straightaway?

Watch for data on the authority Android send off coming in the weeks to come! Up to that point, go ahead and keep sharing your input through our hotlists for stage issues, application similarity issues, and outsider SDK issues.

A colossal thank you to our engineer local area for aiding shape the Android delivery! You’ve given us large number of bug reports and shared experiences that have assisted us with enhancing APIs, further develop highlights, fix critical bugs, and overall improve the stage for clients and designers.

We’re anticipating seeing your applications on Android 13! . If you want to see the old version series of Android 12.

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